The Fish ‘n Flush aquarium toilet

Aquarium combined with a toilet
Replace your standard, boring toilet with something a bit more interesting: the Fish ‘n Flush. It has a specially-designed tank which is divided into two sections, one for the regular flushing water and another to house your live fish.

The aquarium tank is 2.2 gallons and includes the usual air pumps, rocks, plastic plants, filter, and all of that you’d find on a regular aquarium. You just purchase the Fish ‘n Flush and bolt it onto your existing toilet after removing the old tank.

The Fish ‘n Flush kit is $450. Just make sure that you put the fish into the correct compartment to avoid flushing them before their time is up.


  1. I have written an article about the position of a fish tank and have just re-read the article, it quotes how easily toxic gasses such as carbon dioxide can be expelled. This fish tank is ideal !!

  2. At first this seemed like an expensive idea to have fish that get flushed down the toilet every time you used it…

    It would be even better if it was completely self regulated so you never had to feed to fish… I have a habit of killing small aquatic animals from lack of care..

  3. I’ve given much thought to the Fish ‘n Flush kit and although I do like the concept there are a few concerns about the tank especially regarding the filtration and heating. I guess it’ll depend on the type of fish a person uses as to it’s longevity and adaption to it’s environment. I look forward to reading more comments on this most interesting idea. Steve