Super toilette for romantic number twos in twos

Two person toilette
If you’re so enamored with your lover that you can’t stand to be apart even while you’re, ahem, visiting the crapper, you’ll be wanting this new Super Toilette to keep your relationship in harmony.

Wow – what won’t people buy?

The new TwoDaLoo is a two-person toilet that’s designed so that the users face each other while they’re “hanging ten”. For some reason, there’s a small “privacy wall” between the two seats. I’m thinking that if you’re sharing such a moment with someone else, an 8 inch privacy wall will not be entirely necessary. Anyway, one other claimed benefit to this dual-toilette is that it conserves water by flushing both bowls with one tank of water. Again, I’m not sure how that works if both bowls are filled with a ripe burrito blast, but who knows…

Get the TwoDaLoo Two-Person Super Toilette for $1,400. You can customize your model with an LCD screen or iPod dock for staying entertained if you’re flying solo.

[Thanks DD]


  1. I’m no prude, and new love means doing everything together but I must confess I haven’t managed to sync bowel movements yet? So, if anyone has any ideas how to please do share.

    Meanwhile visit for great and what some of you might consider ludicrous gift ideas.

  2. Charity,
    A trip to Mexico and drink lots of water.

  3. Wow, now I’ve seen everything! This is really interesting. But I’m not sure if I’d buy one…

  4. Ha! Interesting…I think I’ll pass. I’m not really into that sorta romance. However, your post made me laugh!