Help fight terrorism in your bathroom

Disappearing Bin Laden urinal screen
Do your part to help fight the battle and make Bin Laden disappear when you pee on him.

Sorry ladies, this is one for the guys…

This funny urinal screen has a likeness of Bin Laden printed on it in heat sensitive ink. Thus, when your aim is true, the ink heats up and makes him “disappear”. All it takes is a simple flush and the cold water will restore the image for the next drunk bar patron to do their duty.

It appears that you can also get the urinal screen printed with a couple of other unsavory people’s likenesses, so if you’re not concerned with old Bin Laden, you’ve got some other choices. You can get the disappearing Bin Laden urinal screen for only $6.


  1. I seem to recall a similar device with Hillary Clinton’s likeness printed on it. Have you seen it too, or is it just a mirage? /Zack

  2. Hi Zack – Yep, the one you mentioned is on that site I linked to also. I just lumped her into my “unsavory people” category 😉