Heated body lotion dispenser signals that you have too much money

Heated body lotion dispenser
One thing is for sure these days: we have it easy. With today’s unparalleled luxuries and excessive consumption, how does one pamper themselves after a hard day of letting their husband work all day? With a heated body lotion dispenser, of course!

No more must you endure the awful, uncomfortable feeling of room-temperature body lotion on your silky smooth skin. With the heated lotion dispenser, you will be pampered with the heated, oily goodness that you deserve after a long day of watching soap operas while the maid cleans the house.

With a resevoir which holds up to 16 ounces of collagen renewing liquid refreshment, the dispenser takes about two minutes to heat your lotion. And, while it’s heating, you’re not left to deal with the painful effort required to watch a clock – there are red and green LED displays that indicate when the lotion is too cold or just right.

Wow – the even the Romans would be amazed at this level of conspicuous consumption…

Get your very own heated lotion dispenser for only $35 and quit denying yourself the basic essentials of life!