Entertaining toilets have transparent tanks

Glass toilet tank with a turtle theme
Is your bathroom in need of a new design or bit of flair? Have you ever considered replacing your toilet’s tank with a clear, aquarium-like tank complete with watery decorations? Maybe you should!

Ahh, the toilet. It’s probably the last thing you’d think of using to decorate or add flair to a room. And, typically you’d be right. The porcelain design has been a standard for so long, nobody thinks to do anything with it. Nobody except Glass Toilets.

Glass toilet tank with a light-house themeUsing one of Glass Toilets novel aquarium-like tanks, you replace the old, boring opaque tank on your john and get a little underwater show. Inside the tank, you can choose from several different models such as a light-house, dolphin, turtles, or even a Zen garden. The theme you choose even “spills out” into the flusher handle design, so you get the complete package. Of course, the functionality of your toilet remains as expected.

Check out a Glass Toilet for around $300-$400 if you’ve got some money to flush.