The only leisure tool a man needs

Xikar multi-tool cigar cutter also opens bottles
When it’s time to relax “man’s style” you might be looking for a cigar or beer and either way, this multi-tool has your back.

This finely crafted multi-tool is the ultimate all-in-one tool every guy needs to have for relaxing with a fine cigar and beer at the end of the day. The tool includes a cigar box opener, cigar scissors for trimming the end of the cigar, a cigar poker for fixing a plugged stogie, a screwdriver (since you never know when you’ll need that), and finally a bottle opener!

Xikar originally started making some really nifty cigar cutters, of which I have one thanks to some generous friends, and they are branching-out into other niche products. If this cigar multi-tool is built anything like my Xi cutter ($43 at Amazon), it’s a lifetime purchase that any guy will be proud to use and show to his buddies.

You can get the Xikar cigar multi-tool for $40 from Xikar or $26 from Amazon.


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