The Fridge keeps your canned drinks cold (mini review)

The Fridge is filled with Blue Ice to keep your drinks chilly
I’m addicted to The Fridge and after 15 years of using one to keep my drinks cold, I’ll be ordering more ASAP!

About 15 years ago, I had the fine distinction of working in a convenience store. It actually was a fairly enjoyable “low-end” job and it had some perks like free fountain drinks and having access to the promotional items that are often stuck to the cigarettes.

One such promotional item was an insulated can holder called The Fridge. It’s built with Blue Ice that freezes when you place The Fridge in the freezer and then helps keep your drink cold while you’re using it. The entire thing is surrounded in insulating foam and optionally has a plastic advertising wrapper.

I got two of these wonderful freebies 15 years ago. The plastic wrapper with the Winston logo on it tore off fairly quickly, the actual The Fridge holders served flawlessly for many years. The first one broke when I dropped it after the first few years. I dropped it just right on something that broke the seal and the Blue Ice started seeping out.

However, the second one is the hero. I was using it the other night and noticed some blue goo on the coaster I had it on. Sadly, after FIFTEEN YEARS, this second The Fridge finally had its last freeze cycle and the plastic weakened just enough that the Blue Ice compartment is no longer sealed. Now, you have to understand what fifteen years of service means. I used these things on a nearly daily basis to typically drink from 4-12 cans/bottles of beer or pop. That’s a ton of use for a $5 (the price 15 years ago when I saw them for sale) insulated holder to see!

In addition to keeping your drinks cold and your hands warm, The Fridge helps in humid areas to contain the condensation. It also widens the footprint of the can or bottle so it’s not so likely to tip-over. I frequently was able to safely set my canned beverage, in The Fridge, on the couch cushion next to me and it never spilled unless I smacked it directly with my hand or something stupid like that. There are some wider containers (odd-sized bottles and Foster’s cans for example) which will not fit into the Fridge, but any standard sized can or bottle works great.

I am very saddened that my last The Fridge finally died yet I’m absolutely shocked at the amount of wear and tear the thing took over the decade and a half of hard use. I’ll be ordering a couple new ones, most likely straight from The Fridge company themselves as I’ve been unable to find them in Target or Wal-Mart since I’ve been looking. The price is reasonable and ranges from $7 for a single unit to $22 for a set of four. You can get larger quantities for even cheaper and you can even get custom advertising on them if you want a bunch to hand-out to friends, customers or whoever.

Note that I’m not getting anything from this review – I just enjoyed my The Fridge(s) so much and for such an amazingly long period of time, I think they deserve a bit of press and who knows, there might be more people like me out that who can’t get enough canned/bottled drinks and have never heard of this wonderful invention!