Soda fountain for booze fanatics

Fancy wine dispensing machine
If you really, and I mean really, love your wine then this “wine fountain” will undoubtedly be of significant interest.

OK, I have to admit it – I like wine, but the variety I drink mainly comes in a box. I guess that my boxed wine is similar in concept to this dispensing unit: both isolate the wine from the nasty effects of oxidation, it’s just that the box wine is 1/100th of the cost of the average bottle you’ll find someone keeping in this unit!

This “vin au verre” (wine by the glass) dispenser holds eight bottles in a temperature-controlled chamber. The temperature is maintained via an electronic control module at a perfect 15°/19°C for red wines, 6°/10°C for white and rosé wines. Pressure is provided by a nitrogen system which protects the tart tannins and fantastic fruity flavors from the ravaging effects of atmospheric oxygen. The nitrogen forces the wine out of the nozzles while protecting the flavors.

If that weren’t enough to make you reach for your wallet, the dispenser features LED lighting which protects your favorite vintages from harmful UV light!

If you want more details, you’ll have to navigate your way through the Flash-laden site on your own since I cannot link directly to the product (why do sites do that?) You must request a quotation for the price of the unit, so unless you’ve got a cellar full of rare vintages, it’s probably more than you want to spend. Personally, I’d recommend some box wine – it’s not that bad! 😉


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