Never lose your glass of wine again

Hold your wine glass without hands
Whether you’re an alcoholic or you just love never misplacing your wine, this wine-glass holder gizmo ensures you’re never far from a guzzle of the good stuff.

Allright – let me say that I’m never one to venture far from a drink at a party. With that in mind, though, I’m admittedly questioning the need for this wine glass holder necklace invention.

Flava-Flav loves to wear things around his neck too!
Using this glass holder necklace, you can carry a gigantic goblet of your favorite vino around with you and not even use your hands. I suppose it’s handy for tasting parties where you’re trying to stuff your pie-hole with free appetizers, but in a “civilized” scenario, I have trouble imagining wearing a huge glass hanging from your neck like Flavor-Flav.

Should you think that you need assistance carrying your wine glasses around, you can purchase a pair of wine glass holder necklaces for $25. Just remember not to fall forward onto the glass!


  1. Wow, I guess it is an alcoholic’s dream. Some gadgets just shouldn’t be created.
    Will the world ever get tired of FLAVOR FAAAAAAV!