Make your own shot glasses from ice

Make shot glasses out of ice in your own freezer!
You’ll have the coolest (literally) shots in town for the summer BBQ season when you make your own shot-glasses from ice.

Today was the first really warm day of spring for me, and thus, when I saw this cool gizmo, I knew it was destined to become a post!

This freezer mold lets you make a dozen shot glasses right in your own freezer. Simply pour water into the mold and put everything into your freezer. In a few hours, you’ll be able to pop ready-to-use ice shot glasses from the mold. This is sure to impress your guests during your next BBQ, but just make sure that they drink the glass contents quickly before the summer heat makes a tasty alcoholic mess.

Grab these cool ice shot glass molds for only $10 — better grab a couple so you’ve got rounds two and three covered as well!


  1. sounds like a coooool idea for the summer

  2. Love it, got to get me some of those for my next party, wish I had thought of it