Liquor lock keeps thirsty mouths away from your booze

Liquor lock keeps thirsty mouths away from your booze
Whether you’re trying to keep your teenage kids from watering your whiskey or stop your mooching brother-in-law from slugging your scotch (huh Sean?), this liquor lock will act as your booze’s bodyguard.

Face it: we all were young once and most likely had a taste of Mom and Dad’s liquor when nobody was looking. We generally turned-out OK, but that knowledge of what your kids can be doing will haunt you now that you’re a parent. Thus, if you want to keep little Johnny from sampling your schnapps you either have to try to hide the bottles, which likely won’t work very long, or maybe give the Liquor Lock a try.

The Liquor Lock replaces the cap or cork in your favorite booze you want to protect. When inserted, you simply rotate the lock to expand the stopper’s grip in the bottle and then scramble the combination to secure the bottle. A 3-dial combination lock is used to input the code required to release the lock, thus freeing your sweet, sweet Johnny Blue for your lips only.

So, keep your mooching family members and underage kids out of your stash with the Liquor Lock for only $15.

[Thanks SlipperyBrick]


  1. I know someone who could use these. And my brother -in-law and son are both terrified of drinking my scotch.

  2. Anyone who has an outdoor bar can use these for safety. Great idea!


  3. Good thing gadgets like this weren’t available when I was growing up.