Lego building blocks made of ice

Ice cube tray creates Lego shaped cubes
Keep your guests entertained with interlocking blocks of ice!

Now you can mold your very own Lego building blocks at home. No, you don’t need fancy plastic injection molding machines or anything like that, though. These blocks are molded from common tap water and “processed” by the freezer already sitting in your kitchen.

The Lego block ice cube tray is made from durable silicone and allows you to mold up to ten blocks at once. The tray is dishwasher safe just in case you try freezing other substances (Lego brick shots anyone?)

Grab the Lego ice cube tray for $8 directly from the Lego online store.


  1. I am already run over by Star Wars Lego in my house why not some lego ice as well 🙂
    Star Wars Lego minifigures


  1. […] Lego building blocks made of ice […]