Keep your beer cool with style and simplicity

Double walled insulating beer glasses
Forget those plastic glasses filled with water that you place into the freezer.

These glasses are made from real glass, unlike most gimmicky “chiller cups” you’ll find. They are made with a double-wall design that creates an insulating barrier of air to keep your delicious, golden beer chilled. However, since you’re not adding ice or actively chilling the beer, it will not get too cold, thus allowing you to maintain the perfect flavor.

These would be perfect to add to the well-equipped home bar next to the fine crystal glassware and aged brandy. They’re surely something your buddies have never seen before and are bound to be a good source of conversation. The double-walled beer glasses are supposedly only available at RedEnvelope and will run you $75 for six 16 ounce glasses.


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