Get your daquiri on anywhere!

Cordless rechargeable drink blender
Mix the perfect blended adult beverage anywhere you are, whether it’s camping or just hanging out in the parking lot waiting for your kids to come out of daycare.

Now, you never have to go anywhere without a perfectly blended, chilly, icy drink.

Years ago, you had to drink (gasp) plain, non-blended drinks if you were away from the conveniences of 120v power. Well, with this rechargeable blender, you can whip-up tasty margaritas or daquiris anywhere, any time. You can grind up to 10 gallons of delicious drink on a single charge, with up to 48 ounces prepared in 30 seconds.

The rechargeable drink blender is only $100, so get your fancy drink recipes out for the next tailgate party!

[Thanks Red Ferret]


  1. I think that you need the drinks after the kids get home from daycare. 🙂


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