For the drunk hillbilly in everyone, the beer holster!

The Beer Holster keeps a beer securely at your side
If you’re the kind of person who just cannot go anywhere without your beer and maybe, just maybe, you harbor a secret passion for ridin’ horses, country music and fluffy sheep, this beer holster might be just what the doctor ordered!

Made of real leather just like a regular six-shooter holster, this beer holster securely holds your 12 ounce refreshment in either a can or a bottle conveniently at your side. It clips to your belt (huge shiny dinner plate-sized buckle not included!) and secures to your leg using a nylon strap so it doesn’t flap around as you visit the tailgate parties, BBQ some steaks, or whatever else it is you plan to do with a beer strapped to your side.

So, let a bit of that inner cowboy out and pick-up the real leather Beer Holster for only $30. Your Dad might even enjoy getting one for Father’s Day, goshdarnit!


  1. My step father would love this. It would work great with his blow up sheep collection.

  2. Ya my brother would love this as well, You can always tell when he has been on the job site, empty beer bottles everywhere!