Entertain holiday guests with colorful cocktails!

LiteCubes LED ice cubes
With the holidays approaching, amaze your guests with some unique gizmos!

Featuring an LED lighting system and a gel core that will freeze, these colorful cubes are sure to draw plenty of comments from your guests.

Each LiteCube is made from completely safe, FDA-approved materials and can be used many, many times. Colors include pink, blue, green, white, and even a color-shifting rainbmow mode. The shapes range from normal ice-cubes to dice to sports items to fruit. No matter what decorative daquiri or multi-colored margarita you’re wanting to make, the LiteCubes can handle the task.

The LiteCubes range from $1.99 to $2.54 each, or $1.79 to $2.34 in quantities of 144. You can order LiteCubes from the CubeLady.