Classic video games and beer

Classic video games and beer
What a perfect combination! Combine a full-sized stand-up arcade emulator cabinet with a kegerator to save space and keep your gameroom organized.

Having owned both full-sized arcade games and a kegerator, I’m ashamed that I didn’t think of this cool idea, but maybe it was because I wasn’t cramped for space.

However, for those of you who have dreams of owning a MAME style emulate arcade game, you know that such a cabinet is pretty large. If your gameroom is already full or perhaps the wife isn’t too keen on your filling the house with lots of large toys, you’re probably going to be lucky to get the arcade cabinet alone. Every guy wants a kegerator in their gameroom as well, so what are you to do?

Grab the Gamerator! It’s a full-sized emulator cabinet that comes with 187 licensed games AND a kegerator cleverly hidden inside. The game portion of the Gamerator includes real arcade style joysticks and buttons and of course. The video goods are dished-out via a nice 24″ LCD monitor. The kegerator portion is your standard refrigerated pony-keg setup with a drip tray. There are even two cup holders mounted on teh cabinet so you can keep the beer handy while playing games!

The mystery is what’s included — it doesn’t say that a computer is included — only the 187 games. So, I’m guessing that for the $2,000 pricetag, you get just the cabinet, kegerator and monitor. Currently, the Gamerator is available on Ebay and if there are any available, they’ll appear right here:

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If you contact the builder and find-out what’s included, please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It sounds like alot of fun. beer and video games….what a perfect match!

  2. I wish I could own a full-sized emulator cabinet. But its not possible due to space limitation in my appartment.

  3. cool looking cabinet but looks like its suitable for the gaming places, not for domestic use

  4. very nice work!
    i dont think $2.000 is too much to ask even if its without the computer.

  5. looks like those old consoles on the gaming places i used to see 20 years back. i myself would like to play computer games instead which is lot less expensive

  6. Classi video games are OK and I stil play a few of them but not sure how that relates to beer

  7. Oh the great relation between video game and bear. Yes its true Every guy wants a kegerator in their game room. The Gamerator includes real arcade style joysticks and buttons – This is what we want.

    Its definetly worth the money, the only problem i can think of is that it’s too lid but that don’t matter once you get into the game lol recomend it definetly!

  8. I have been hunting for an old arcade game and I can’t seem to find it for love nor money! This is my heaven, beer and an arcade game.

  9. the classic video game arcades are the best with 100 games in each console!

  10. Lol an arcade system is so awesome! But it takes up too much space… but we all love the arcade gaming systems. They are truly the best.