Carry that 6-pack everywhere you go

The Beer Holster keeps a beer securely at your side
When you’re drinking at a party, running to the cooler for refills is really a waste of time. Instead, carry an icy 6-pack around with you as you navigate the crowds.

Any serious beer drinker knows that a 12 ounce can just doesn’t last long enough. Their tiny capacity means that you’ll be constantly running to the fridge or cooler to grab yet another frosty cold one. So, in the interest of “work smarter not harder” someone invented the Hops Holster Beer Belt.

This belt has insulated pockets for 6 cans or bottles and is adjustable for waist sizes between 24 to 48 inches. Don’t worry, if you’re at the smaller end of that spectrum, you won’t have to wear the beer belt long before you balloon to fit it more comfortably 😉 There is a hidden pocket to store your cash or wallet in as well, so you’re less likely to get pick-pocketed even when you pass-out.

Get the Hops Holster Beer Belt for only $25. It’s sure to pay for itself in the energy that you save running to the cooler!


  1. With trying to get a house on the market I’ve been spending some very late nights working on the little things that “hopefully” will make a sale happen. So I may have to get one of these, put in some real cans like the 24oz Steel Reserve, and get to work. It’ll cut down on the two necessary trips needed for beer. The one to the fridge.

  2. I need two of these. One for me and one for my wife. If I had kids I would get more so that they could earn their keep by keeping my beer close. 🙂

  3. That is a great idea. Just be careful you don’t drink too much and end-up generating more kids!