Bar gizmo shoots shots of booze

The rotating shot dispenser for your home bar
It’s not quite a robotic bartender, but it’s pretty darned cool anyway.

Are you looking to take your home bar a notch higher than your neighbor’s? Do you already own all of the latest twizzle sticks, fancy beer glasses, chrome shakers, and other high-end bar gizmos?

If so, this is for you. The rotating shot dispenser holds up to four 1-litre bottles of your favorite hooch and dispenses shots with the mere press of a handle.

It’s actually pretty decent looking and should work well with bottles of all sizes thanks to the expanding retainer arms. At only $30, it’s a cheap way to impress the neighbors. Just don’t fill it with booze that costs less than dispenser!


  1. They have something like this in the hotel rooms in Mexico. They are nice but a little too easy to use. But I guess since you are in Mexico you might as well use all you can.