Alarm system uses your own voice

Wireless alarm system protects your home with motion sensors
Because you can record your own messages for each zone on this home alarm, it can be used for more than just an alarm system.

The Voice Alert System 6 is a home alarm system that you install yourself. It uses wireless infrared motion detector modules with a 300 foot range, so you don’t have to run any complicated wiring throughout your home. The system supports up to six detector modules and you can record your own voice or sounds which will be played when any particular sensor is activated.

Thus, you could aim one detector by your pool to warn you if children are in a potentially dangerous situation. You can also aim one sensor on the driveway to alert you when someone drives-up to your home. Of course, you can also use the sensors to detect unauthorized intrusions like a normal alarm system. In this scenario, the Voice Alert System 6 can turn-on floodlights or other devices in an attempt to deter the intruder.

The Voice Alert System 6 is $130 including the base unit and one detector. Additional motion sensing detectors are $64 each.


  1. Hmmm, I can imagine so many interesting uses.