Electric bicycles that don’t look unusual

A Schwinn shaft-driven electric bicycle
When you see someone buzzing by on one of these bikes, you’ll look twice.

Schwinn has created an entire line of electric bicycles which don’t look like your typical “I’m making a social statement” alternatively powered vehicles. They actually look like a normal street bike.

The line-up includes everything from shaft-driven models to normal derailleur-driven powertrains. The batteries are lithium polymer (LiPo) and presumably packed into the thicker main frame member. The batteries charge in about four hours although I don’t see a mention of range. I guess that’s probably largely dependant on the conditions, terrain, and rider’s weight.

The full line-up of Schwinn electric bikes.


  1. Hi GizMike
    The typical range on these electric bikes is 25-30 miles.

  2. these bikes are a great alternative to help the environment and do a little exercise.