Bicycle pedals with LEDs require no batteries

A cut-away view of the Pedalight mechanism
What can’t LEDs be used for? These help keep you alive.

This is a really good idea. The Pedalite bicycle pedals incorporate multiple high brightness LEDs which flash different colors in an attempt to keep motorists from plowing over you. The really neat thing, though, is that the LEDs don’t run off of batteries.

Each pedal has a small gearbox and generator that is turned as the cranks rotate. The generator presumably charges a capacitor because the LEDs will stay blinking at least 5 minutes after movement has ceased. So, you basically install these pedals on your bike and never have to think about them again.

At first, I had nightmares about those 1970’s generators that were popular when I was a kid – remember the motor looking thing that pressed against the bike wheel and made riding 10X more difficult and always wore-out the tire? It looks like the generator technology has come a long ways – fortunately.

The Pedalites are about $80 US for a pair.