Energy Detective solves energy bill mysteries

The Energy Detective helps you find what is using your electricity
Your home is probably one of the millions that wastes hundreds of dollars each year on electricity that you don’t even know about. Solve those energy mysteries with this cool gizmo!

If you’re like most other households, you probably spend thousands of dollars on electricity each year. In general, it’s considered a “necessary evil” that we grit our teeth and cough-up the cash for each month.

What if you could save 10-20% on that bill? That’s exactly what the Energy Detective will help you to do!

The Energy Detective is installed by a qualified electrician on the incoming power connection from the electric company. It then measures the energy consumed by the entire house and displays it in an easy-to-read manner on the LCD screen. You can keep tabs on current watt use, total watt use, line voltage, and a number of other bits of data which will help you decide what to unplug. It even shows you dollars per hour which is something many other energy meters don’t do.

Grab the Energy Detective and keep tabs on your home’s energy consumption. It’s one of the few gizmos you can buy which will pay for itself! If you want to measure the power use of a single item, check-out the Kill-A-Watt which simply plugs into the outlet to let you monitor anything easily.


  1. This is really cool! I wonder what the current rating is…. it’d be nice to see what a 110v welder costs to run for a while.