Turn your iPhone into a mini pinball machine

Pinball Magic turns your iPhone into a pinball machine
There’s no question that the iPhone is a huge gaming platform, but sometimes the touch screen just isn’t enough. Especially when you’re playing a ‘physical’ game like pinball. This gizmo helps with that…

The iPhone has a ton of games available, including some pretty decent pinball simulations. But, as anyone who loves pinball knows, it’s a game that’s not just about seeing the ball move around, but it’s a lot to do with the form factor of the machine, the bumping, the tilting, and many other ‘extra’ aspects.

So, playing pinball on the iPhone isn’t that great by itself…

Enter the Pinball Magic! Simply slide your iPhone into the backside of the miniature plastic pinball machine, and the screen becomes the playfield. It gives you physical buttons for the flippers, and even a plunger for shooting the ball. And, while it’s not a full pinball display, there are a few LEDs that make it feel like you’re looking at a backglass above the playfield.

The Pinball Magic will run you $40, but the app you use it with is free, so that helps a bit. Grab one for those quick times you need to be the Pinball Wizard at your desk.