Turn your baby into a gamer!

Hand crafted Space Invaders balancing mobile
If you want to ensure that your little bundle of joy turns-out to be a hardcore gamer like his Old Man, this is the mobile you’ll want to hang in the room.

Fill your infant’s dreams with pixelated images of classic Space Invaders with this hand-crafted freely-rotating mobile. It’s sewn from stuffed wool felt and features nine invaders plus one base station. The baddies are balanced on rods which can spin in different directions. A great combination of retro tech with old school crafting.

Since these are hand-made, you may have to wait for the artist to sew some more if the demand is high. The Space Invaders Mobile is $70 which isn’t bad for a one-of-a-kind piece of art!


  1. This really brings me memories ooohhhh yea!!