This Atari 2600 goes everywhere you go!

Tiny Atari 2600 is keychain-sized
Now you can take the gaming goodness of the very retro and definitely classic Atari 2600 with you everywhere you go.

Say you’re on a business trip and you get a hankering for Pong, Asteroids, or Yar’s Revenge and the hotel you’re in only has crappy PS2 games? You whip-out one of these keychain-sized consoles and plug it right into the TV and get your game on!

Available in joystick form or a paddle version, either of which are physically cool looking and faithful to the originals in their own right, the built-in games are icing on the cake. Each keychain console is powered by batteries and includes a 6-foot cable to connect to your television. The paddle has three games (Pong, Breakout, and Warlords) while the joysticks only have two games each (Asteroids and Millipede in one and Centipede and Yar’s Revenge in the other).

Get your own keychain Atari consoles for only $9-15. I’m not sure why one of the joysticks is $8 while the others are $15, but who am I to question?

[Thanks to Jason]