Star Wars Poker Chips

Star Wars Poker Chips
Bring a new air of geekiness to your poker parties with this Star Wars themed poker chip set!

So, you and your geek buddies are looking to take a break from the LAN party and decided that you’d go non-virtual by playing a bit of poker. Poker’s cool and all, but it’s decidedly missing that certain nerd mystique.

Well, with the Star Wars Poker Chips, you can inject a heaping helping of geekiness into your poker games! The chip set includes a chrome Death Star dealer button and each poker chip is adorned with an illustration of Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, or Darth Vader depending on the color. As if that’s not enough, the chips are translucent so that when they’re stacked inside the included carrying case, the built-in LEDs (“no less than 72” of them!) they glow “like light sabers”. At least when you lose all of your money playing poker, you can sit and look at the chips glowing in the case!

Get the Star Wars Poker Chip Set for $150.

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  1. After seeing the Star Wars Fishing Kit earlier today this isn’t so bad but go on….Kill the genre!