Lighted billiard balls are a bright idea

LED lighted billiard balls
No matter how wasted you are, play a game of pool with these light-up billard balls and you’ll have an easier time making your shots.

Nearly everybody is familiar with the Friday-night bowling alley events where a stodgy, old bowling alley attempts to draw in younger customers by adding UV lights, playing modern music, and using colored pins.

Well, now your local pool hall can do something similar with these light-up billiard balls. Thanks to four built-in LEDs, each ball will flash for a couple of seconds on any impact with other balls, the rail, or the floor. The built-in batteries are rated for at least 50,000 flashes, but when they’re dead, they’re dead. Oh, and the manufacturer says they’re lead-free, which is always on the mind of every pool player I’d imagine.

Grab the Lighted Billiard Balls for $110 including an oak carrying case. At that price, the local pool hall may not have them, but feel free to bring your own on Friday nights!