Dungeons & Dragons chess set

D&D chess set
Two nerdy flavors that taste great together!

I played D&D back in the 1980’s so I can say this: I doubt that anyone ever got laid for playing Dungeons & Dragons. I’m also fairly sure that playing chess has resulted in a similar lack of action.

Therefore, imagine the geeky power of a D&D chess set! Uh… well, imagine no more because you’re looking at a photo of it. The official D&D chess set is hand-crafted and captures the likeness of the classic D&D dragons. A board, which doubles as a storage container for the pieces, is included and is etched with the D&D logo. As if that weren’t enough, a customized set of rules which apply a D&D flavor to the ancient game of chess is included just in case you get bored.

The official Dungeons & Dragons chess set is available for $200.