D&D nerds invade your car!

Fuzzy 20-sided D&D dice
The 20-sided die is a classic symbol of the Dungeons & Dragons player. Now, they replace the classic six-sided die of the Happy Days and indicate a more nerdy hobby.

We’re all familiar with the usual fuzzy dice hanging from rear-view mirrors. They’re common in high-school kids who’re trying to be cool as well as in VWs of aging wanna-be-cool-again adults.

Well, coolness is no longer just for the six-sided dice people! Now you can get a 20-side fuzzy dice set for your car which pays tribute to the good old days of Dungeons & Dragons. These dice are symbolic of the game of D&D and to some extent, the symbols for an entire generation of people who grew-up slaying dragons and rescuing princesses.

The 20-sided fuzzy dice are only $10, so it’s a very cheap way to re-live those glory days of Slorin the Paladin or whatever other D&D characters you played.