Coin munching arcade game saves you money

Space Invaders piggy bank is modelled after the classic arcade game
Unlike the full-size arcade games of yore, this miniaturized masterpiece still takes your money and entertains you in return, but you actually get to keep the money when you’re done!

I grew up in the arcades of the 1980’s. During that era, video games were new and exciting and as a young kid, I could never get enough quarters to slug into those glorious games. Some machines even caused coin shortages in Japan — one of them being Space Invaders!

Well, Space Invaders has returned, this time as a small piggy bank that will actually collect your coins and return them to you. The small game is patterned after the classic cocktail style arcade machine and has a small LCD screen upon which you can actually defend the planet against the invading aliens. The only problem is that it’s designed for the Japanese market and collects 100 yen coins rather than American quarters. It can probably be modified, but who knows. The game keeps track of how many coins you insert, up to the maximum capacity of 80.

Start your Space Invaders savings plan for $59 and have a bit of classic style fun in the process.



  1. I see that this version of Space Invaders, is the ‘Atari 2600’ version. Do you know if the bank also includes sound, or is it just visuals only? I couldn’t make a determination from the Japanese sales page, since I can’t read it:)