Animated T-shirts… What will they think of next?

Animated T-shirt plays Pong continuously
If you just cannot get enough retro-video gaming goodness in your life, you might be interested in wearing this T-shirt that actually has an animated display showing a Pong match!

The details on the underlying technology are pretty slim, but this animated retro Pong T-shirt has some kind of flexible display attached to the front which continuously displays the game of Pong being played by some imaginary players. To wash, you “peel” the display off the front and disconnect it from the AAA battery holder that’s sewn inside the shirt.

At only $24.95, the Animated Pong Shirt is not much more than any other T-shirt, so perhaps it’d be a neat thing to try-out. If anyone has one of these, please write a comment below describing your experiences with it.