Ultimate tailgating party kit

All in one tailgating kit includes a grill, cooler, and utensils
You’ll feel like McGyver when you arrive to your local stadium armed with this all-in-one portable grill, utensils, and cooler!

What do you need when you’re tailgating at a concert or sporting event? It’s pretty safe to say the list includes food and beer. With this Portable Tailgate Grill kit, you can conveniently have both in a single easy to carry bag.

The kit includes an insulating bag which handily contains the portable charcoal grill. Simply remove the grill from the bag and you have plenty of room to pour a bag of ice over your frosty 12 ounce friends. Then, load the grill with charcoal and remove the complete set of grilling utensils from the bag and get grillin’! The small grill is plenty big enough to cook a couple burgers on at a time along with some brats. Now you’re all set to enjoy the football game or whatever you’re tailgating for!

The Portable Tailgate Grill Kit is $100, which is pretty cheap for such convenience. Just be sure to let the grill cool off before packing everything up!


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