Sneak beer wherever you go with a Beer Belly

Carry your drinks around secretly with the Beer Belly.
Are you tired of paying the super-inflated prices for beer and other drinks at sporting events or even movie theatres? Then you need this amazing gizmo which not only lets you bring 80 ounces of your favorite drink wherever you go, but makes you sexy in the process.

Whether you’re at a rock concert or a sporting event, there’s one thing you can be sure of: the drinks are totally overpriced! The last time I was at a football game, a single 12oz beer was something like $7!! You can buy an entire six-pack at the liquor store for that much. And that is where this gizmo comes into play…

The Beer Belly is a soft backpack-like devices which has an internal bladder to hold liquids, along with a tube which can be use to drink the liquids. It’s designed so that you wear it on the front of your stomach, thus allowing you to sneak into concerts or other events that don’t allow outside beverages to be brought-in. When worn underneath clothing, it makes men look like they have a beer belly (or a larger one) and for women, it makes them look pregnant and we all know that no security guard at a concert has the chutzpah to ask a woman if she’s pregnant or just fat 😉

This is obviously a great idea for those who want to bring their own drinks to various events, whether illicit or not. There’s also a ton of humor involved in the device, starting with the photo of the guy who’s obviously in shape but would have a gigantic beer gut with the Beer Belly in place. The 80oz. Beer Belly is about $33 which, if you’re like me, will pay for itself on the first use at a sporting event! Click the link and go pick one up before the summer is over!


  1. This is hilariously awesome.

  2. Well, with my real beer belly there’s not space for this stomach-backpack! 😀

  3. Ha ha I am getting one of those for sure! Just need to lose my own beer belly first to make room! 🙂

  4. I would buy that thing in a heartbeat!!! Is that guy a true beer drinker with no gut??

  5. I would be scared to wear this since I already have a beer belly… I’m pretty sure it would make me look obese ;-). At least I would still have my beer though…

  6. This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. I would buy two, so I would have double the beer, double the gut.

  7. What happens if you already have a beer gut? Can you still fit this on you!? Haha!