Micro vending machine

Miniature vending machine refrigerator
Why settle for a plain old micro refrigerator to keep your canned drinks cold near your desk when you can have a miniature vending machine? Variety is the spice of life!

There are loads of mini fridges that you can use at your desk. Some rely on Peltier junction coolers and others on traditional cooling techniques. They all have one thing in common, though: they are just small refrigerators and aren’t very exciting.

Well, now you can get yourself a mini vending machine and save the walk down to the vending area in your office. The Portable Vending Refrigerator dispenses up to four varieties of canned drinks at the press of a button. All of the cans are stored in a tall cooling chamber with a see-through door. Buttons next to each selection let you choose your preference just like in a full-sized quarter-eating vending machine!

The personal Portable Vending Refrigerator is only $160, which will sure pay for itself in the costs you save from not visiting the large vending machines and putting profit in their owner’s pockets!

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