Grilling your popcorn?

Cook popcorn on your BBQ grill with this handy mesh popper
Yep, you can indeed make hot, tasty popcorn on your BBQ grill!

Here’s an idea I had never thought of and I’m guessing that most of you have never thought to grill popcorn either. It makes sense to do so, though, as your grill is a great heat source and by cooking the popcorn outside, you reduce the heat released indoors and if you’re entertaining on the patio, you can stay where the party is.

This Grill-Top Popcorn Popper is made from heavy gauge stainless steel with a small mesh to keep the kernels from falling into the flames. Just dump a half cup of popcorn into the basket and shake it back and forth until the popping is complete. Now you have tasty, slightly smoky popcorn that’s ready to eat with no oil needed. You can also use the basket to cook vegetables and other things on your BBQ that might not work very well directly on the grates.

Get the Grill-Top Popcorn Popper for $13 (on sale at the time of writing this from the usual $35 price, presumably for the end-of-season) and try cooking popcorn in a way you’ve never thought of before!


  1. Terrible idea. You are guaranteed to burn a lot before it is all finished popping.

  2. I love the taste of carbon flavored popcorn. 🙂

  3. At least when you burn it on the grill, it won’t fill your house with that putrid burned-popcorn smell!

  4. We had something like this when I was a kid with the intention that it was used over a campfire. It had a longer handle (safety first!) and was made out of cast iron and I think it was about 30 years old when my dad was a kid. IIRC it was solid on the bottom and had a mesh lid. I found some new models on the net that are similar, but none of them had that “why would you bother” feel to them.

    It actually worked fine, and did not taste bad, but the serving size was pretty small. The key to not burning it was to get a flat cooking rock in the middle of the fire and shake it until your arm hurt. Probably to much work for you kids with your new-fangled microwaves and such.

  5. Grilled popcorn isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds. I’ve done it over an open fire… the whole secret is to get the corn all popped before your hands burn. All kidding aside, with the right popper, grilling popcorn is fun and really good.

  6. Grilling popcorn – I bet it would taste like kettle corn. (but without the sugar)