Get serious with this mega grill brush / scraper!

The ultimate grill brush uses steam to blast burned-on crud!
Got a big job to handle when scraping your BBQ grill? Looking to impress your NASCAR buddies with your manly cleaning abilities? There’s no better tool to use than this BBQ brush…

With BBQ season fast approaching, it’s time to start getting the grill prepped and ready for some heavy use. That also probably means removing some nasty, crusty black charcoal from the grates that’s been sitting there, hardening all winter.

Enter the Grill Daddy Pro BBQ grill scraper & brush!

This imposing brute of a brush features charcoal-cutting features like stainless steel bristles, a super long heat-safe handle, and a 2-handed design to really let you pour-on the elbow grease and get those grates clean whether they’re stainless, iron, or ceramic.

But wait… there’s more!

The Grill Daddy Pro has one feature that’s not so obvious, but really makes it a “pro” level tool: It uses the power of steam to soften those nasty, burned-on leftovers so you can get things clean with less effort. Every dude can appreciate that, because it’s better to be drinking beer than scraping!

Grab the Grill Daddy Pro BBQ scraper/brush right now for a paltry $20, so you’re ready for that first BBQ blowout of the season!