Carry lots of beer everywhere you go

Camo beer holster holds an entire 6-pack around your waists
Whether you’re going to 4th of July concerts or simply having a BBQ and never want to risk having a hydration outage, this beer holster will be right there with you, providing the 12 ounce nourishment you require.

OK, yeah, another beer post. What can I say? We’re approaching the 4th of July and it’s the season to be outdoors and if you’re like most people, drinking beer!

This wonderful piece of redneck engineering allows you to carry an entire six pack with you, leaving both hands free for whatever else you’re up to. The beer holster has an adjustable strap, which is important considering that you’re sure to be losing your own six-pack. And, it comes in a killer camouflage pattern so you can sneak around forests while getting wasted, or just look cool at the local NASCAR event.

Grab a Redneck Beer Holster for only $13 and be prepared for the hot weather of July and August!


  1. Now this is truly class. What more could you ask for? I envision some sweet fishing trips with this set up.

  2. Seriously, I think this this holster has bigger future than fishing trips 😉 … I only with my city change it’s rules for public drinking.

  3. Ha, that’s sweet! I’m a sucker for stuff I don’t need and this looks right up my street.

    I agree with DD it’d be ideal for fishing trips but the only problem I can see is you’d have to drink them pretty quick to stop the beer getting warm eh?

  4. At least carrying around this much weight would give the wearer enough exercise to avoid the risk of a beer belly

  5. How to you keep the beer cold? Won’t it get hot if you don’t drink it fast enough. Cool idea though?

  6. Lots of beer involved in this batch of products. Once again warm beer is n0t a good idea. It is inexpensive and would make a good impression on the right girl, but no thasnk to this product. Rating = 5.5

  7. Awesome redneck contraption. Is there space for a handgun there as well? That’s what’s really missing in that gadget.

  8. Interesting idea but who likes warm beer? Sure, it’s be great to carry an entire six pack with you but only if it keeps em’ cold too!! 🙂

  9. this is the boyo just what i need

  10. Who wants to carry bullets in a belt when you can carry beer cans!?