Banana Bunker keeps your banana safe

The Banana Bunker fruit protecting carrying case
Alright – get your mind out of the gutter! This is a real product designed to keep your easily-damaged fresh fruit unbruised until you can enjoy it. Any resemblance to other items you might be giggling about is purely coincidental and might show that you’ve been to the seedier parts of the internet 😉

The Banana Bunker is a protective case that enshrouds your delicate fruit in a hard… hmm… stiff… hmm… rigid plastic to keep it from getting bruised. The Banana Bunker will protect your snack in a backpack, gym bag, briefcase, or whatever conveyance methods you use to haul your lunch around. Obviously, the banana is protected, but your other goods in the bag are protected from the smashed banana which would coat everything if you didn’t use the Bunker.

The Banana Bunker is available in several enticing colors and is $5 for a single unit and $20 for a set of five.

OK… you may laugh now – it’s harder than you think to write about something like this with a straight face!