Bacon salt can make anything taste good

Make any food better with Bacon Salt
Bacon is a powerful food — it can make the nastiest vegetables taste good and it can make your best burger more than you ever imagined. What if you could combine the flavor of bacon with salt? Dream no more…

Bacon is tasty. Period. Admit it.

The flavor that bacon brings to any food is distinct and delicious. That’s why this amazing new Bacon Salt from J&D’s Foods really caught my eye.

Simply use Bacon Salt wherever you’d normally use salt, on things such as boring broccoli, eggs, french fries, or mashed potatoes. You’ll add some salt, of course, but included with that is a blast of bacon flavor which is sure to make your tastebuds dance with delight.

Bacon Salt is available in several varieties such as Original, Cheddar Bacon, Hickory Bacon, and more. And, almost unbelievably, the Bacon Salts are Kosher certified! What miracles will modern food science bring next? Oh, and don’t forget to check-out the Baconnaise — mayo with built-in bacony goodness. Mmmmm!

You can buy Bacon Salt many places, including online. Single shakers go for about $5 and they also have combo packs and other ways to get your fill of the world’s tastiest food.


  1. LOL! This is actually pretty clever. Everything does taste a bit better with bacon, but it’s a pain to cook. I’d bet this would go really nicely on green beans. Yum.