Wood iPod – the WoodPod?

An iPod that has been re-done in a hand-made wooden case
It used to be that all consumer electronics products were black or grey when Apple decided to buck the trend and create white devices. These days, however, with the iPod owning over half of the portable market, white seems to be the dominant color. Some people install silicone skins on their iPods and a few even buy the special black models. However, a guy over on Bit-Tech has done something even more interesting: he covered his iPod in real wood!

The wooden iPod is part of a larger project where he wants to woodify everything on his desk. However, the iPod mod is one of the better looking projects and actually looks pretty classy with the deeply polished beautiful wood he used.

The entire iPod case has been replaced with a hand-made wood replica — this is not just a veneer over the old iPod. Since the device maintains the same dimensions as the original, it can still be used with the plethora of iPod accessories and docks. The workmanship is pretty impressive when you look at how he duplicated the plastic case in nearly every way.

Head over to the construction details at Bit-Tech to see lots of great photos and a description of the process.