Magnets so powerful, they’re dangerous!

Cool magnets
These aren’t your average magnets — they can break bones!

At first, United Nuclear’s magnets appear to be fairly normal, similar to what you’d find by taking apart a hard drive. Those kind are many times more powerful than the average kitchen magnet most people are familiar with.

However, as you scroll about halfway down the page, you hit a section with a big header that says “Supermagnets”. That’s where things get interesting. These monstrous magnets are so powerful, they will disrupt computer monitors and attract metal objects just be being in the same room. Allowing two of these super-magnets to come together unexpectedly can break your arm or cause serious damage from flying objects. Wow!

I wonder how they ship these things. If they’re so powerful, does the UPS guy notice things moving around the truck and do any video tapes on the truck arrive completely ruined?

You can learn more about these ultra powerful magnets at United Nuclear’s magnet homepage. The supermagnets start at $75. Smaller, more manageable magnets are much cheaper. They also sell a magnetic-sensitive liquid which can be used to duplicate the cool experiments you may have seen in science class or in video clips. Neat stuff! 😀