It’s cubical warfare!

Build a working trebuchet or catapult from these kits
Dream-up an idea for a medieval warfare weapon, build it, and then conquer the poor schmuck in the next cube with this wooden war engine kit!

If you have an interest in medieval weapons of war such as catapults and trebuchets, you’ve probably thought about building a miniature version at some point or another. The problem is that you’d need to try to think of all the various sizes of wood and hardware you’d need and then make several trips to the store to buy it all ‘cuz you know you wouldn’t remember everyone on the first trip!

Instead of all that hassle, why not simply buy a ready-made Wooden War Engine Kit and get down to building your concept? There are currently two kits available, one for making a trebuchet and another for building a classic catapult design. Everything you need is included in the kits except a bit of glue, your fingers, and a cutting device (you probably want a razor saw).

You can get choose a Wooden War Engine Kit (or get both!) for $20 or $35 depending on which you choose. Get those things built and start a war with the guy in the next cube who makes annoying sounds all day!


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