Soothing jellyfish on your desktop

Desktop jellyfish aquarium
Do you enjoy the soothing movements of jellyfish slowly pulsating through the water but you don’t want to own an aquarium that can support them? Grab a decorative tank full of plastic fish instead!

Having just gotten back from the Tampa Aquarium, I was amazed by the huge tanks they have which support all sorts of saltwater life, including the delicate and ethereal jellyfish. In a couple of the tanks, they had clusters of jellyfish slowly floating around while colored lights shifted on them. It was mesmerizing and like a lava-lamp, hard to stop watching.

The problem with jellyfish is that they are pretty finicky and hard to keep alive in a home saltwater aquarium. And even if you did want to own, clean, and operate such a tank, you couldn’t take it with you to work! That’s where this Toy Jellyfish Aquarium saves the day.

The small tank houses a few silicon jellyfish replicas which are pushed around in the water by the current from the water pump. An LED lighting system with five colors and 11 color patterns keeps the show constantly morphing between red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Check-out this video:

The Aquapict Toy Jellyfish Aquarium is about 11x5x9 inches and is powered by an AC adapter, so it’s perfect to place on your desk for when you need to give your mind a break. The bad part? It’s $170…