Inkless pen writes with a metal tip

Pen writes with metal
The Fisher Space Pen finally has some competition in the “high durability, it must work” pen category.

Assuming you’re not wanting to use a pencil, finding a pen that works in any position, on many surfaces and with long-lasting ink has been tough. The reigning champion of this market is the famous Fisher Space Pen — it uses a special pressurized ink cartridge filled with a thixotropic ink which allows the Space Pen to write in any position, under water, and even on oil surfaces.

There’s another option for people with demanding writing needs, though: a pen that uses a solid metal tip to leave a pencil-like line on paper without any ink at all. The tip is made from a special steel alloy that’s formulated to leave marks similar to how ancient writing tools could be used to scribe on special surfaces. Modern technology thankfully allows today’s version to work best with standard copier paper – no special surface is needed.

Get the inkless all-metal pen for $30. If you prefer a more standard ink look, check-out the Fisher Space Pen for around $16.

[Thanks coolest-gadgets]