How much money do you waste in meetings?

Clock that tracks money wasted in meetings
This cool clock will help you track the massive amounts of time and money that you and your company waste in meetings.

Anybody who works in the corporate world knows about the dreaded meeting… an appointment on your calendar where you are expected to show-up, sit and listen to people bickers about crap that doesn’t matter and nobody really cares about, and worse yet, plan future meetings!

It’s a monumental waste of time and money, especially when you multiply the number of people sitting around the meeting by their associated hourly salary!

To help kill meetings and keep them on-track, bring this office timer with you. Just input your guess of the average hourly pay that everyone in the meeting gets, input the number of attendees, push the start button when the meeting starts. The LCD will tick-off showing how much money is being wasted every second.

If that doesn’t get people to speed the meeting up, nothing will!

Bring this Time Is Money clock to your next meeting and get things under control for only $25.