Golf club tape dispenser helps with daydreaming

Tape dispenser is shaped like a club head
If you’re stuck at your desk but would rather be out on the links, this unusually shaped tape dispenser will at least help you daydream that you’re playing.

It doesn’t get much more frivolous than a shaped tape dispenser, after all, the standard design has worked just fine for decades. But, that doesn’t stop some people from making them anyway!

Shaped like the head of an iron club, the Swilken of St. Andrews Tape Dispenser sits on your desk awaiting you to pull out a bit of adhesive tape. It’s finished in a bright chrome with a St. Andrews logo on the side. Actually, it’s too bad that logo is there as it would make a fantastic place for a customizable logo businesses could hand-out to clients (and we all know that high-up business people love golf!)

The Swilken of St. Andrews Tape Dispenser is $25, which sadly is less than playing a round of 18 at a public course these days.

[Thanks Nerd Approved]


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