Floating desk globe amazes and educates

Floating desktop globe
Combine the class and style of having your own globe with technology that amaze and impress your visitors with this anti-gravity globe.

Most of us have seen the floating desk toys which have an arm above the suspended object as well as the base under the object. The upper arm and the base create a balanced magnetic field which supports and contains the floating (typically) sphere.

That’s one way in which the Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe differs from these commonplace desk toys: it doesn’t have the upper arm. That’s right — the globe simply hovers over the mirrored base using what looks like magic. The globe is a puny four inches in diameter, so it’s not like one of those super classy, big money globes you’d see in an Indiana Jones movie set, but still, it’s something a notch above the other desktop detritus your co-workers hoard.

Get the Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe for $100 hard-earned bucks.

[Thanks OhGizmo]


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