Bamboo fountain powered by USB

USB powered desktop bamboo water fountain
Get the soothing sounds of running water and clunking wood on your desktop at work, all powered by your computer’s USB port.

If you need to drown-out the constant ramblings of the idiot in the next cube or maybe you just need to meditate a bit to lower your stress from dealing with social retards, a desktop fountain might be just what the doctor ordered.

This bamboo fountain is patterned after classic Japanese bamboo fountains and it even has the “flapping” piece that makes the periodic clunking sound as it fills with water and empties. What sets this fountain apart from most, is that it’s USB powered. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe there’s a contingent of road warriors who would be interested in running a fountain while working on the laptop on an airplane. For the average desktop dweller with easy access to AC power, I’m not sure what the draw is.

However, the fountain is still pretty cool and the sound of running water is nice to have when creating a peaceful work space. The Bamboo USB fountain is $25. Video of it operating is below.



  1. The sound of running water is nice, but not sure the banging noise every few seconds is as soothing!

    This would go well with are USB mugwarmer. You could keep your mug of coffee warm while listening to the running water, then dash to the toilet every 10 minutes!

  2. That is possibly the coolest usb plugin i haves seen.