Free tool to easily create keyboard shortcuts

Q-Liner on-screen keyboard
This open-source freeware lets you assign any program to any Windows-key combination press for rapid launching or just plain laziness.

qliner is a free, open-source program which lets you graphically bind any Windows+key combination press to launch or focus any program.

One of the really cool features, most of which are not even found on the paid programs, is a graphic on-screen keyboard that you can just drag programs onto to create the bindings.

Also, in the interest of ergonomics, it will re-map the Caps-Lock key to the Windows key, thus allowing you to turn the relatively useless Caps-Lock into a pinky-friendly, easy-to-press combination key sequence. It also includes features that allow one-key creation of .zip files, take screenshots of various types, and more!

This program is quite smooth and polished and serves to replace other programs such as WinKey, which are not as polished or feature-complete.

Read about and download qliner – you’ll probably like it if you enjoy keyboard shortcuts, and what power-user doesn’t? 😉


  1. Has anyone tried this yet? Looks really interesting and tried to install it on Vista, but it’s not working? Any help would be great as I was looking for something like this for a long time – can save a lot of time